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Regaining vaginal sensation and an enjoyable sex life is possible.

Do you want to increase sexual desire, arousal and libido? The O-Shot is for you. It also decreases painful intercourse and increases vaginal lubrication. Plus, it creates stronger and more frequent orgasms, and the ability for vaginal orgasms. The vaginal opening is also tightened and urinary stress incontinence is reduced. 

What is the O-Shot®?

The O-Shot uses Platelet-Rich Fibrin (PRF) which is extracted from the patient’s own blood and injected into the clitoris and the anterior vaginal wall, proximal to the G-spot.


The O-Shot adds volume to the treated area, in turn increasing sensation and sensitivity. Injections are quick and virtually pain-free, if any, due to the area being numbed prior to the injections.

PRF treatments have proven to be effective in creating a fuller, younger-looking appearance in other areas of the body such as the face. As PRF for facial rejuvenation (also known as the Vampire Facelift®) became increasingly popular, it expanded into other, more intimate areas – creating The O-Shot.

The O-Shot is for women of all ages who suffer from dull vaginal sensation, vaginal looseness due to age or childbirth, women who have never had an orgasm and women looking to improve sensation during sex. The O-Shot can also help with urinary incontinence and women suffering from common sexual disorders.

Because The O-Shot utilizes Platelet-Rich Fibrin from a person’s own blood and is not a chemical or synthetic substance, it is completely safe.

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